Awards and Trophies

Custom wooden awards and trophies for your events

Ecobos offers a wide range of wooden awards and trophies that we can fully customize in-house to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a personalized engraving or a fully customized shape, we have the expertise, material and machinery to make it happen.

Our awards and trophies are made from sustainable PEFC or FSC certified wood and are available in a variety of models and sizes. Whether you need a trophy for a sporting event or an award for a corporate event, we can make it for you.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and together we can create a wooden award or trophy that is not only durable, but will leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

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Product 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result:1

Wooden awards for any event

Our wooden awards are perfect for any event, whether it's an awards ceremony at a competition, a corporate party or any other celebration. We have a variety of models available and can even create completely custom trophies to fit your event perfectly. Our wooden trophies are not only beautiful to look at, but also durable and eco-friendly. Check out our collection and let us know how we can help you make your event even more special.

Eco-friendly wooden trophies

With us, you can get eco-friendly wooden trophies that perfectly match your business philosophy and your organization's values. All our trophies are made from sustainable wood, which comes from PEFC or FSC certified forests. Moreover, we offer different models. Browse our collection and discover how we can help you get your message out in an environmentally friendly way.

Ordering wooden awards and trophies

The ordering process for wooden awards and trophies is simple and straightforward. With us, you can choose from a wide range of standard designs, but we can also produce fully customized trophies. To place an order, you can order directly through the website or you can contact us directly via email: info@ecobos.be. We will then ask you about your specific needs and requirements so that we can create a custom quote and a digital sample. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed of the process and that the trophies are delivered within the agreed delivery time for your event or occasion.